The Holland Point Citizens Association (HPCA) is made up of Holland Point community owners and residents.  Our goal is to bring residents together to focus on issues that need to be resolved, make needed improvements, welcome new ideas and promote unity.  Holland Point was once primarily a summer retreat, but we are growing with more year-round residents and we would like to give you this opportunity to become a MEMBER! Your yearly membership this year is from May 1, 2020 thru April 30, 2021.  A small annual membership fee of $35.00 per household goes toward our erosion maintenance, community improvements, snow removal and HPCA events like our Annual Bull and Oyster Roast and our Winter Holiday Party. Also:

MEMBERS receive a rental fee discount on our Holland Point Citizens Association Building (a/k/a the Loveless Civic Center) for their special events. The regular price is $500.00, but MEMBERS pay a reduced fee of only $250.00.     

Being a property owner in Holland Point and a MEMBER, your voice is heard and your vote is counted . MEMBERSHIP is open for renters but they are not voting members.

Also, if you are a MEMBER and have a local business we will add to our newsletter the name of your business and contact information.  It is just another way we can support each other as a community!

Each year we ask that every owner/resident complete the Membership/Resident Form.  You can download the Membership/Resident Form, print it and mail it or complete it online  HERE.  We ask that you return it by April 15th whether you become a member or not.  This information helps us keep our list of property owners, residents and members current to keep you informed.  

After completing your Membership/Resident Form you can mail it to:  HPCA, P.O. Box 232, Holland Point, MD 20714.  If becoming a new member or renewing  please enclose your check for $35.00 made payable to HPCA with your form.  Online, complete the Membership/Resident form and submit.  Continue to “Buy Now” for new memberships or renewing to pay membership fee. Do not make payment online without completing the online Membership/Resident Form. April 15th is our deadline to return forms, member or not. Please contact Nancy Young if you have any questions at 443-964-6166.  She is our membership chairman.

Our monthly meetings are NOT JUST FOR MEMBERS.  They are for EVERYONE!  Our evening meetings are followed by wine and cheese and our morning meetings have coffee and pastry.  Attending meetings is a great time to meet your neighbors and get involved in our small but amazing community.  We hope attending meetings will inspire you to take the important next step and become a MEMBER and/or a volunteer!

Our first meeting for 2020 is Sat. April 18th at 9:30am

Your information and membership is important to me and our community.  I am looking forward to watching our membership grow and seeing everyone at our upcoming meetings and events!