Safety on Walnut Avenue:  The width and poor condition of Walnut Avenue have long been a concern of Holland Point residents.  Major construction projects in Chesapeake Beach and North Beach, as well as development projects at Herrington Harbor, have increased the number of heavy trucks sharing the road with motorists and pedestrians and contributing to the wear and tear on a road that has not had substantial maintenance since 1997.  In addition, disagreement between the State of Maryland and Anne Arundel County over which of them is responsible for maintaining stormwater drainage systems means that maintenance has halted.  The result is further deterioration due to increased water on the road.

Woody Young, HPCA President, has formed a Road Committee to work with him on solving these problems.  Committee members are Lucy Johnson, Buck Allen, and Barbara Moskowitz.  A Road Committee report is now a regular item on the agenda of the monthly HPCA meetings.  The first task of the Committee was to clearly define the issues.  Walnut Avenue is one small section of Maryland State Road 261, and the fact that it is a State road means that both State and County officials must be part of the solution.  Therefore, the second task of the Committee was to make both sets of officials aware of the problem and enlist their assistance.  

Below are links to documents that Woody Young sent to the following County and State elected officials:  

     *Steven Schuh, Anne Arundel County Executive,

     *Jerry Walker, Anne Arundel County District 7 Councilman,

     *John Astle, Maryland State Senator for District 30,

     *Seth Howard, Maryland State Delegate for District 30B,

Please feel free to use the information in the following documents as a basis for writing your own letters/email of concern.  

     *Letter sent to the elected officials named above

     *Summary of Issues related to Holland Point section of MD 261

Current Status:  In response to our letter, Senator Astle met with Tim Smith, an engineer with the State Highway Administration (SHA).  Mr. Smith says he will visit Holland Point to see conditions for himself.  Meanwhile, Mr. Smith says that he and Senator Astle "drafted in concept a proposal that will involve participation from AA County, SHA, and the community."  Mr. Smith plans to put the proposal in writing and seek consensus on it with Senator Astle, Delegate Howard, and officials of the AA County Department of Public Works.  

Mr. Smith said the proposal being developed will seek to provide a solution to the needs of the community based on available resources for all parties.